Unidose from Sherry Vinegar (Box: 200 x 10 ml units)

Authentic Sherry Vinegar is packaged with a modern anti-drip system that will allow you to enjoy this product anywhere in a convenient, easy and sanitary manner. The product is presented in 4 separate terrines with 100 units for each one.
Ampollas monodosis vinagre de jerez - OOS/Mono/003


You can enjoy of this special product with a modern anti-drip system.

Our Sherry Vinegar, from French “vin aigre” (sour wine), is a product obtained by the action of acetic bacteria on sherry wine. This product is dominated by an intense amber containing mahogany tones. It includes acetic perfume of nuts and notes derived from aging in wood. Your vinous, spacious and perfectly balanced flavour that recalls the base wine comes from.

This vinegar is aged between six and twelve months in wood.

More than vinegar.

The 200 units is packaged in one independent box.


Nutritional information

Product: Sherry Vinegar
Calorie (100gr.):4kCal.
Saturated Fat: 0gr.